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How DBT can Benefit Many with Struggling Emotions

Our world is a little hectic right now. From the coronavirus to wondering if your data is properly encrypted so you’re not at a security risk, there are a lot of emotions that you may be processing. It can be hard to properly process this information in your mind. This is a great form of therapy that’s great for many, especially those with BPD, and we’ll go over what it is, and why it’s great for those with struggling emotions.

What is DBT?

DBT is a form of therapy that combines different types of other therapies in order to help you with painful emotions by getting the healthy mechanisms to handle it. It was originally used to treat BPD in the 1970s, but since then, it’s used to help with self-awareness, those self-defeating thoughts, help with thinking, and stress, and it’s incredibly beneficial for many people who struggle with processing hard emotions. It uses four core treatments to help a person, and they are:

  • Mindfulness
  • Tolerance of distress
  • Emotion regulation
  • Effectiveness of interpersonal relationships

These are all done in certain stages, and usually doesn’t go in other different ways. The skills learned in this are mainly used for treating BPD but are also core principals that can be used for treating various other conditions too.

How Could This Help Me?

This type of behavior can help many people, even those who normally don’t seek out in-depth forms of treatment. If you have self-defeating thoughts that can become self-harm or suicidal behaviors, this can be incredibly helpful. It can also help if you’re getting other therapy, since it can decrease those interfering behaviors associated with other types of therapy that can happen.

If you’re struggling with trying to do better, which is what a lot of us are trying to achieve even with this stressful world, sometimes we do things that can affect our ability to truly succeed. DBT can help decrease those behaviors that can impact your quality of life, so you can do better with it. It also can help with making decisions that aren’t just based on mood choices. For example, if you’re prone to making harmful choices when depressed or angry, then DBT can help with those problems, help with improving this, so that you can build skills that let you make the right choices.

It can help with stress too. If you’re someone who has dealt with a lot of stress and anxiety, then chances are you’re wondering if there is any way to help with this. Our world is very stressful, and it can give you depression and anxiety. Luckily, DBT helps with all of this, helping to decrease these symptoms, and make them easier to handle. It also will help with not just the problems that you deal with every single day, but also the long-term goals as well. If you struggle with setting goals, this can be a great one for you.

Not Just Temporary, but long-term benefits

A lot of people think DBT is just going to be temporary. But it doesn’t have to be. It can help with you enhancing and keeping your self-respect in place, keeping you stronger and with greater fortitude. And of course, with the goal setting, you can choose the goals and judgment that you feel are right for you. It works to enhance your ability to productively and positively respond to this, without running into defeatist mindsets or descriptive behaviors and thoughts. DBT can help many people, because it’s hard to not feel that way, especially with how stressed this world can be, so it can benefit you on many fronts.

Consider Help Today

DBT is great for anyone, not just those with BPD or other emotional disorders, but those who struggle with really just setting and keeping the goals that you have too. With that being said, it may be hard to find this. Luckily, BetterHelp can help you find those to assist you in your area, making it better, easier, and more worthwhile for you too. If you find self-defeating and destructive behaviors to be a big problem in your life, then you’re not alone. Consider getting help for this now, so you can be happier, healthier, and do so much more too!


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