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How Light can Help with the Winter Blues

Whether it’s blues from the cold weather or from the ever-waiting period for the COVID-19 vaccine depression is common for many people. The winter blues can also be a sign that there is depression and other concerns there.

If you feel this way because you’re not getting enough light, then chances are, light therapy may be good for you. We don’t normally get enough light, and with more people staying inside, this can become a more severe situation for people. Even just moving around, sleeping, eating, or communicating with others is affected by our moods, and sometimes, if the source of our depression is the lack of light, it can impact us.

We’ll go over what light therapy is, how it can help, and how it can help not just with the winter blues, but more severe forms of depression too!

What is it?

Light therapy is used for treating depression, typically seasonal effective disorder. It can also help with different conditions too, including depression, sleep issues, bipolar disorder, and even some eating disorders. Our bodies have an internal clock, a circadian rhythm. When that’s thrown out of wack, due to the changing seasons or new changes in your job or personal life, it can mess with you. In some cases, this can affect your mental health on a temporary level, but also on a more severe level too. But light therapy can help with treating these conditions. This is different than light therapy used for psoriasis and the like. This is done by using a simple box that emits out a light. This isn’t UV rays of course, but instead just a simple light where you work at or sit near to help with depression symptoms.

So is it Just for Wintertime?

It’s mostly used for wintertime, but the natural light introduced artificially will help with your brain chemicals. It introduces different chemicals that are related to sleep and to modo as well. This can also help with seasonal disorders, but also for those who have depression symptoms that are affected by the winter months.

Light therapy and Cabin Fever

One big issue many suffer from at the moment is cabin fever. This is associated with the lack of light. Most of us don’t get out enough because of the pandemic. We can’t get out enough, and because of that, we’re isolating ourselves from the outside world. While you can go out and take a walk in some cases, that may not be enough, and the lack of outside exposure can affect how you feel on a mental level. Light therapy can help with sleep and improving the depression symptoms associated with isolating.  Even if you don’t suffer from a seasonal effective disorder, this can be good if you’re looking for an alternative to treating depression symptoms. Light can however be triggering for some conditions such as bipolar and mania.

If you feel depressed because of your inability to go outside, light therapy can be an alternative to helping with this. This is beneficial for when you feel your symptoms stem from not enough sunlight. It may not fully treat your depression, but it can be good for you if you struggle with depression-like symptoms in this COVID-19 world.

Light therapy is a valuable therapy that can help with many people’s conditions. Although it isn’t a permanent solution, this is one that is valuable, and good for you to do. If you’re curious about light therapy, or would like to learn more about it, you can go to BetterHelp to find out more information on it!


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