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How to Keep your Mental Health in Check While Waiting for a Vaccine

While we do have a vaccine for the coronavirus, getting the vaccine is still a challenge. While right now only certain groups can get it, waiting can be a bit of a struggle. You want life to go back to normal, and you want things to pan out swimmingly. Your mental health may be affected by this. Trust me, you’re not alone. Here, we’ll go over some ways to keep your mental health in check during these uncertain times.

Consider Taking up New Hobbies

Your current hobbies may not be cutting it in these covid times. You’re probably just doing a lot of the same things again and again, and you may be well, bored. Well new hobbies may be the calling that you need. You can of course, seek out new hobbies and activities that you enjoy. Consider things that are a little bit different from what you’re used to. That’s because variety is the spice of life, and new hobbies and activities that you’ll enjoy. Sometimes taking up something new could help generate an income. New hobbies are great for keeping your mental health in check, since they’re distractions, and mental health distractions can make you stronger when you come out of this.

Try Exercising

Exercising is not only good for the body, but also the mind too. Exercising takes your focus out of the current doom and gloom of the world, and begins to put it on the actual outside world. You’re thinking more about what’s directly going on around you, rather than of course, all of the pain and problems that come along with this. Exercising helps with building confidence too. Lots of people do feel confident after the go on a long run, and it’s something that can benefit you if you’re really feeling stressed about the state of the covid world.

Distractions Help!

Speaking of distractions, any distractions are good. If you find yourself glued to the computer or tablet screen, checking social media every five minutes, you’re going to feel depressed. Why is that? Well, you’re always worried about what’ll happen next, that you can’t really get ahold of the actual state of your life. Distracting yourself when you feel safe, such as maybe a movie that you love, a favorite video game, or even a walk in the park is a great thing. This is why those hobbies and exercising is good. They can help take your attention out of the current state of the world, and into something that you can control.

Work on Deep Breathing

This is especially good for those who suffer from panic attacks. The panic of what’s going on is hard for many people to deal with, but there are ways for you to better get ahold of these. Whenever you feel panicked, you need to sit down, and take a deep breath in, hold it, and then take a deep breath out. Continue to do this, and you’ll feel that anxiety start to slip away a little bit. Deep breathing is good for when you feel like there is a lot happening, and you don’t know how to properly handle it. This can be good for when you’re feeling real bad, and can be helpful for handling those hard mental health states.

Seek Help!

Finally, you should consider getting some help! Online therapy is great for you to seek out, and BetterHelp can help with your problems no matter where you are. The beauty of online therapy is that it can be done no matter where you are, and no matter what resources you have.
This can be a great step if you’re someone who struggles with it on your own. Remember there is no shame in getting help!

The vaccine is more of a when than an if at this point. You may feel stressed about this. But, with these tips, you can help battle the anxiety of the world around you, and feel better as well.


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