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Why Handling Painful Experiences is Important for your future

The future is something you can’t totally determine. Even with horoscopes that vaguely talk about the future, it doesn’t really tell you about the power of the future, and what you can enjoy.

However, sometimes our pasts end up affecting our future, and that’s of course why it’s important to consider therapy for this. Experiential therapy is good to handle the pain, and let you grow. We’ll discuss what it is here, and why it can benefit you now, and in the future.

What is it?

Learning from your experiences is important. This type of therapy helps because it lets you take on experiences that you’ve had in the past in the present moment. It also can help with you feeling those emotions which held you back. Any feelings that cause insecurities, sadness, or even feelings that you’re failing can be tackled in this. If you’ve suffered from painful moments, or you struggle with emotions, this can help you tackle them.

How can this Help Me?

Let’s say you want to try new things, but you struggle with it due to the pain in the past. You use experiential therapy to tackle these moments, doing these experiences under a therapist instructing you. This can feel strange, simply because it may create feelings that make you uncomfortable. However, in this you can tell your therapist about these feelings in order to have a better picture of not just yourself, but what creates painful memories associated with this. It also involves talk therapy, so if there is abuse associated with the activity or trauma, you can talk this out in order to have better experiences and more self-esteem.

Experiential Therapy to Achieve Goals

This can help with achieving goals too. Let’s say that you want to be a businessman, but the idea of talking to others makes you anxious, because of failed relationships and communication. With experiential therapy, you can of course, talk with the therapist, work through the activity, and from there, tackle the feelings. You can also use this for actions too. If painting makes you sad because you remember the one time you were told you weren’t good enough to ever make it. You can use experiential therapy to help with this.

Deal with Loss and Pain For Good!

Experiential therapy also helps with the emotional aspects of this. For example, if you have issues doing something due to trauma or grief, or abuse from your childhood, sometimes it manifests itself when you’re trying to achieve your goals or do something in your life.
These negative feelings can hold you back. But, with experiential therapy, you have a chance to go through the painful activity and the emotions associated with it, understand the trauma behind it, and move on. You’ll notice that in its wake, there are feelings of joy, confidence, happiness, and the like towards the activity, and even towards others around you.

Experiential therapy can Make You a Better Person

Experiential therapy is a great way to overcome a trauma you’ve faced in life. Whether you’ve suffered from anger issues, substance abuse, or other challenges, it can help you push through these experiences and grow as a person. Experiential therapy is beneficial for a lot of people, and it can help change your life! If you have goals you want to meet, then this is something you should consider.

To learn more about experiential therapy you can go to BetterHelp to learn more about this beneficial therapy and what it can do for you.
Experiential therapy is a different kind of hands-on therapy, and is great for if you’re looking to truly live your life, and overcome the challenges associated with the activity too!


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